Control Live®: Transforming dependency into autonomy
Control Live

Control Live®: Transforming dependency into autonomy

Control Live

Control Live stands out as a leading company in the field of assistance to people with reduced mobility and their dedicated caregivers thanks to its innovative product, V-Chair®.

This smart bed, capable of transforming into a chair, has brought with it a true revolution in the way support is provided to this segment of the population. The Control Live philosophy is summarized in three clearly defined goals:

Improve patients' quality of life: V-Chair® has been meticulously designed to prevent common health problems in people with reduced mobility, such as ulcerations and lung or urinary infections, which tend to arise due to lack of movement. In addition, it provides a more comfortable rest and empowers patients by providing them with greater autonomy.

Improve quality of life for caregivers: Control Live recognizes the importance of caring for those who provide care. V-Chair® simplifies patient care and assistance tasks, reducing injuries and the physical burden that often falls on the shoulders of caregivers.

Maximize quality and efficiency in care: Control Live strives to optimize efficiency, reduce costs and promote excellence in the delivery of services to people with reduced mobility, both in healthcare settings and in private homes.

Control Live, through V-Chair®, is radically transforming the way the care and attention of people with limited mobility is approached. His commitment to innovation and improving the quality of life is evident in every facet of his work. Control Live is a company that is making a difference and making a significant contribution to the lives of those who need it most.

Control Live®: Transforming dependency into autonomy


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