The best textile accessories
Lecco Grison's SL

The best textile accessories

Lecco Grison's SL

We present and recommend LECCO, a company that offers laser cutting, hot cutting or cold cutting of fabric finishing applying the thermo-adhesive resin, printing, engraving and embroidery. That is, textile accessories. In LECCO you have different types of technology and machinery.

From laser technology with high quality components for cutting and engraving fabrics, machines equipped with blades for hot cutting, or machines with blade discs for cold cutting.

On their website you will find all the necessary information about their products, their services  and you can contact them at the following link.


They are great professionals of the sector of the cintería with a great experience behind them.

The best textile accessories


C/ Navarcles, 19, PI “Els Dolors” 08243 Manresa, (Barcelona) SPAIN

T: +34 938 74 42 55 F: +34 938 74 32 61

E-mail: lecco@lecco.es


+34 93 827 24 86
C/ Doctor Antoni Vila, 53 08251 Santpedor (Barcelona)