Water tanks and treatment plants
Resmat, S.L.

Water tanks and treatment plants

Resmat, S.L.

Resmat is a company dedicated to the manufacture and sale of products for water treatment.
They are specialists in the purification sector, manufacturing septic tanks, compact filter pit, total oxidation, MBR, and gray water tanks.
They also manufacture several types of separators: grease separator, hydrocarbon separator and sand separator.
They are manufacturers of rainwater collection tanks, drinking water tanks, drinking water tanks, GRP tanks and pumping wells.

They also produce products for the livestock sector such as modules for piglets, cadaver hydration pits and G-60.

In pre-treatment, they manufacture grilles, circular automatic grids, endless sieves.
And for tertiary treatments they offer UV lamps, chlorinations.

Resmat operates in Spain as well as in the rest of the world.

Water tanks and treatment plants


Pol. Ind. Sta Maria C/ Sant Jordi, 60
08271 Artés (Barcelona) 
Tel.: 93 830 50 16 / 93 830 55 80
Fax: 93 830 57 04
Email: resmat@resmat.net


+34 93 827 24 86
C/ Doctor Antoni Vila, 53 08251 Santpedor (Barcelona)